Myanmar Rhododendrun

Myanmar RhododendronKachin State is generally covered by numerous types of forests with thousands of different plant species. Rhododendron is indigenous to the region and of the 600 known species of rhododendria, the English botanist collected 118 here in some 1920s, and some 107 of those may be still viewed at Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh. Hkakaborazi Alpine zone is rich with blue pine and Rhododendron which grow at altitude of 8000 and 9000. The Ayeyarwady head water of Adungwang valley is full of those of Rhododendron bush and large tree some of them are of up to 3-4 meter in diameters having hundred of years in age. Myanmar RhododendrunAccording to the history of Botany we come to realize that Adunglong valley has been one of the birth place for the Rhodos. The Rhododendron start bloom from January and its fullest in bloom in March/April and start drop from May onward. Among many different species and color of Rhodo the “Rhododendron Megaclayx” has been treated as most beautiful and pride having pink color with fine smell which now grown and shown for public in Royal botanical garden of Kiew.



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