>> We have spent our first night at the new Putao Trekking House. It is a beautiful comfortable wooden house that   ...

 >> One of the highlights of our trip was our visit to Putao, the trekking house was just perfect, the meals in the restaurant extraordinary and the trekkingtour fantastic...  

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As general rule when packing for wilderness expeditions keep personal gear to a minimum. Please avoid large framed suitcase as they can be rather cumbersome to porters but use a medium size duffle bag instead. The weight limit on domestic airlines is 20 Kg and only 2 check-in bags and one carry on bag are allowed. Excess baggage will be charged at up to US$ 5 per Kg. Your day pack should be a medium volume without a frame which can hold your personal belonging such as medication, camera, extra clothes, water etc.

Should be lightweight, dry quickly, and provide insulation even when wet. The brushed nylon pants are ideal for trekking. Lightweight long sleeved shirt is useful as sunscreen while trekking. A good quality raincoat and pants are ideal as they will keep you warm and dry in a variety of situations.

Foot ware:
Lightweight hiking boots or good quality running shoes will be ideal for the lowland trek. It is essential your walking boots be comfortable and broken-in.

Personal items:
Please bring personal item such as flashlight or headlamp with spare batteries. A pocketknife, reading and writing material and personal first aid kit would also be essential for your convenience.

Protection against insect bite:
Most part the jungle is free from biting insects, but we do encounter them in the low land such as sand flies around the river banks and leaches in the lowland bushes. It's important to use insect repellent to keep the insects away.


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