Our Community Project

We are committed to sustainable tourism that we strongly believe benefit the local community and promote eco-friendly tourism in the region. Our aim is to maintain natural, cultural and environment stay intact for generations to come by keeping with our approach towards sustainable tourism in this fragile area.

A contribution from every client is made towards the upkeep of existing community projects which involve various sectors including sponsoring some of the orphanage students to various level of schools, help upgrading local schools learning condition by mean of providing furniture and distribution of learning material such as books and pencil etc.

Other sector that we involve building clean toilets at local homes that we stay overnight when travel. There are several villages around Putao that we often use overnight in our trekking and village walking programs. In order to help sustain food supply we plan to invest in agriculture such as growing rice, vegetable and live stork breeding in certain villages from where local can benefit while we get our food supply without disturbing local source.




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