Myanmar Orchids

Native Orchids of Hkakaborazi National Park
List of Myanmar Native Orchids

Kachin State is generally covered by numerous types of forests with thousands of different plant species. The wild orchids bloom in great profusion in this region. Myanmar Orchid was first ever recorded by British forest commissioner Mr. J.H.Lace in his publication by the name “Flora of British India” in 1912.

There were more survey during and after British administration and eventually come to conclusion that there is 86 of Genus from Orchidaceae from which total 523 species of orchids had been recorded in Myanmar. Among all the most royalty has been the “Dendrobium” of which there is a total 106 sub species and are found everywhere in Myanmar. Apart from the Dendrobium species there are many other species such as “Eria” with 41 sub species, “Bulbophyllum” with 39 sub species, “Habenaria” species with total 37 sub species, Coelogyne species with total sub species of 27 and finally the most royalty species of Vanda having total sub species of 11 in Myanmar. Among the 11 sub species of Vanda the “Vanda Coreulea” (some all it Blue Moon) has been most famous among the orchid lovers around the world. Botanists believe there are still several species of orchid that yet having a name and would be of a great chance to name after the founder. The “Dan-Drobium Wardianum” for example of the name referred to the founder of this species in such as the famous British Botanist Frank Kingdon Ward. 


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