>> We have spent our first night at the new Putao Trekking House. It is a beautiful comfortable wooden house that   ...

 >> One of the highlights of our trip was our visit to Putao, the trekking house was just perfect, the meals in the restaurant extraordinary and the trekkingtour fantastic...  

A Journey Through Mysterious Land

Sample itinerary - actual may vary

Day 01 Arrival, Putao
Upon arrival at Putao airport we will be met by Putao Trekking House's representative and transferred to our lodge. Putao lies in a flat valley, jumping-off point for trekkers who want to explore the region’s deep forests, wildlife sanctuaries and snow-capped mountains etc. After a brief fresh up take a walk around Putao for the orientation. Dinner and overnight at Putao Lodge.

Day 02 Putao - Machanbaw - Alangga - Htangga – Uringga (48 mile)
Breakfast and we travel by truck to our today destination at Uringga. At first we cruise nice and easy through pave road to Machanbaw. Once we pass Machanbaw we had immediate uphill on rough dirt road. After pass Kasan creek by a diversion route we get to Alangga, situates at 1470 feet above sea. Though we travel on dirt road we are particularly in the middle of dense tropical forests and we witness thick forest with creeps and vine on the large trees. From here we continue drive to Htangga, situates at 2000 feet above sea along Kasan creek. Lunch stop and we continue to our destination at Uringga, situates at 2225 feet above sea. Immediate after Htangga the road goes straight uphill and road become rather challenging with lots of ups and downs through dense forests. Dinner and overnight at guesthouse provided by the Construction Company.

Day 03 Uringga – Babaw – Magweza – Sanwar - Schlodi – Dhahat (elevation 2230 feet to 2760 feet)
Breakfast and we pack our staff and travel to Babaw, located at 1670 feet above sea (13½ mile). As we pass Uringga we slowly get in to the Valley of Kasan River and travel through flat road along the creek passing many paddy fields. Again we cross Kasan creek by a diversion route and relatively flat road along the river valley to Magweza, located at 2000 feet above sea (5½ mile). Here road forks and one goes to Ratbaw and other to Khaunglanphu. Again we cross Kasan creek by diversion route and travel through mud road to Sanwan, located at 2040 feet above sea (6½ mile). Here we bit farewell to our driver and meet up with our mule team. We have lunch while our crew manage our luggage. After lunch we trek to Shlodi camp (7 mile, approx. 3 hour), located at 2382 feet above sea. From here we continue trek through dirt road which goes ups and downs often pass small suspension bridges to Dhahat (4½ mile, approx. 2½ hour), located at 2762 feet above sea. Dinner and overnight at the guest house provided by Construction Company.

Day 04 Dhahat - Ngwalondum (elevation 2655 feet to 4330 feet then to 4255 feet)
Breakfast and trek to Ngwalondum, located at 4154 feet above sea (9½ mile, approx. 5 hour). As we travel further south east we getting in to deeper and primary forests and trekking on a mule trail is somewhat enjoyable. Dinner and overnight at the guest house provided by Construction Company.

Day 05 Ngwalondum - Nuwangaung (elevation 4255 feet to 7785 feet then to 3930 feet)
Breakfast and we trek to our today destination at Nuwangaung, located at 3928 feet above sea. First stretch of the trek is to get to the ridge of San Net Mountain that separate between Malikha and Maykha valley. As soon as we left Ngwalondum the trail become narrower and goes deep ups and downs of the ridge (8 mile, approx. 5 hour). The trail to the ridge top goes rather challenging uphill all the way to the ridge at 7785 feet. Here we have the first glance of Maykha river snakelike crawling way down below in the valley. From here a winding trail that goes all the way to the valley to a camp (2½ mile, 1 hour). We have a lunch stop here and continue trek to our today destination at Nuwangaung (3 mile, 2 hour), with the trail goes through the valley having a beautiful surrounding. Dinner and overnight at the guest house provided by Construction Company.

Day 06 Nuwangaung – Fulum - Reedum (elevation 3930 feet to 3340 feet then to 2500 feet)
Breakfast and we trek to our today destination at Reedum, located at 2500 feet above sea. As soon as we pass the camp the trail goes up and down to Fulum (3 mile, approx. 3 hour). Fulum is primarily Lisu tribe village and located at 3340 feet above sea and beautifully parched by the side of Maykha River. Here we witness a vast range of staircase cultivation which resemble a perfect natural painting. We have lunch stop here and headed down south. As soon as we left Fulum the trail goes down zigzagging all the way down to Maykha River (2 mile, approx. one hour). Here we cross a suspension bridge that spans Maykha River. We have a great picture of the river and mountain in the back. From here we continue trek to Reedum on a relatively plan surface (1 mile, approx. 45 minute). We have a relaxing afternoon here since we have had a couple of challenging days before. We visit pristine Malikha River to wash up and swim. Dinner and overnight at the camp provided by the construction company.

Day 07 Reedum - Htalarlaw (elevation 2500 feet to 4060 feet then to 3590 feet)
Breakfast and we continue trek to our destination Htalalaw (10½ mile, approx. 6 hour). As soon as we pass Redum we arrive at riverside village at Sisone, from where the road to natural stone cave is forked. Trail goes as usual goes up and down zigzagging through the mountain and valley. We are getting deeper and deeper in to the wildness as we proceed further south. Htalarlaw, located 3590 feet above sea, though is a camp site but supported by a sizeable community around and a nice spot to stay as it locate by a small creek. We visit the village while our crew dismount the cargo from the mule and set up our camp. Dinner and overnight at guest house provided by the construction company.

Day 08 Htalarlaw – Triwangaung - Khaunglanphu (elevation 3590 feet to 5435 feet then to 4810 feet)
Breakfast and we start trek to our final destination at Khaunglanphu, located at 4740 feet above sea. At first we follow the mule trek goes along the mountain ridge, down to the valley and up to the mountain till we get to Triwangaung (7½ mile, approx. 4 hour). We have lunch stop here and continue to Khaunglanphu (4¾ mile, approx. 3 hour). Khaunglanphu is a township administration center for this region and beautifully parch at the side of the most beautiful mountain ridge I have even seen. Khaunglanphu, beautifully parched at 4807 feet above sea, surrounding by snowcapped mountains and beautiful river valley. As Divisional Administrative center it possess total population of some 30,000, a high school, a hospital, a law office, police station, a Buddhist Monastery, a Church and a market. Khaunglanphu perhaps more beautiful then Switzerland (as describe by famous British botanist kingdom Ward in his “Burma Icy mountains) having layers of stare case cultivation landscape with sow mountains surrounding in the back drop. Here we visited market and later visit so-called “the view point” from where we have a spectacular mixed view of the snowcapped mountain, Blue mountain ridge having crawling Maykha and Chankha confluence which form probably one the most beautiful spots in the world. We have choose a suitable house to stay for the night. As usual we explore the small charming town while our crew arrange our campsite. Dinner and overnight at local home.

Day 09 Khaunglanphu
Breakfast and we visit the river confluence. We trek down to the river bed (3 mile) where we enjoy morning exploring both the river bed with suspension bridges. Later we walk back to town and have lunch. Afternoon we visit the so-called view point and do nothing but just relax and enjoy the stunning beauty of the surrounding. We walk around the town in the late afternoon and perhaps visit a community for interact. Dinner and overnight at local home.

Day 10 Khaunglanphu - Htalarlaw
Breakfast and we bit farewell to the friendly local and heading back to Htalarlaw. Dinner and overnight at construction camp.

Day 11 Htalarlaw – Reedum
Day 12 Reedum – Natural cave – Reedum
Breakfast and we trek back to Sisone and from here we trek 2½ hour to visit a large Neolithic cave with primitive paintings and sculptures on the walls. We explore the cave and later trek back to Reedum for overnight.

Day 13 Reedum - Nuwangaung
Day 14 Nuwangaung – Ngwalondum

Day 15 Ngwalondum – Dhahat
Day 16 Dhahat -
Schlodi – Sanwar – Uringga
Day 17 Uringga – Putao

Day 18 Departure

Breakfast and perhaps another visit at Putao market and further visit in and around Putao with suggestion by your guide. Lunch at lodge and afternoon transfer to airport for your onward departure flight to conclude this unique experience.

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