>> We have spent our first night at the new Putao Trekking House. It is a beautiful comfortable wooden house that   ...

 >> One of the highlights of our trip was our visit to Putao, the trekking house was just perfect, the meals in the restaurant extraordinary and the trekkingtour fantastic...  

 Madoi Razi Expedition

What are the overnight facilities in Putao?
Putao trekking house operates bungalows build identical to local homes in the region using locally available materials. All rooms come with attached bathroom, hot and cold shower. Rooms are secure, lockable with windows offering scenic view. An elegant lobby includes bar area, fire place, dinning area and common area offers recreation and relaxation.

What are the overnight facilities during the trek?
This trek involves all tented accommodation and we provide tents and mattress. For toilet we choose a decent site and dig a hole which then be disposed properly. When pitching a tent, two clients will share a tent, unless you have requested and paid for a single supplement.

What will be the temperature like?
Geographically falls into Eastern Himalayan region, Putao gets rain round the year. Our season is between November and mid-May, which is winter and best tourist season in Putao region. Although During winter mostly clear skies, warm days and cool evenings. Temperature steadily decreases between mid-December and mid-February. Average temperature would be between low 4/10 and high 22/30 degree Celsius but could drop steadily up to freezing up in the mountains.

How long is an average trekking in a day?
All our treks are designed at 4 to 8 trekking hours per day. Day normally starts at 7 or 8 in the morning follow by breakfast. Lunch usually is packed and light, followed by 2 to 3 hours more trekking in the afternoon. We try to reach our destination well before nightfall in time for fresh up and relax before dinner.

What will I see on the trek?

Alpine-Himalaya range land meadow ecosystem of Madaing Razi with both its new and old floras and its abundant floristic components is one of the Myanmar’s biggest treasure-house of plant resources. These catmint mountain ranges of Mali Hka, formed by the organic movement of the Himalaya, vertical elevation, and steep valley produce many favourable small regional environments for the differentiation of plants and appearance of new species. Alpine rangeland of Madoi Razi provides habitats for numerous species of wildlife. Many of which are endangered and for a wealth of plant species. Many plants are of medicinal value and other species may provide important genetic material for future economic use. Meadow rangeland of the Himalaya is also some of the world’s most outstanding rangeland ecosystems.

How fit do I have to be?
This trek is classified as "Extremely Demanding" and includes longer trekking days on difficult terrain. Thus suitable for adventurous and stronger individuals with physically challenging and more suited to regular hill-walkers who are used to extended days and are competent over difficult terrain. However do not require technical mountaineering skills or previous experience. Beside this trek involves long water crossing, some suspension and make-shift bamboo bridges which might be challenge to people with acrophobia.

What about meal?
We take care of all catering on your expedition, you are always welcome to assist if you wish to. If you have any special dietary requirements you will have to advise us at the time of booking. A hot breakfast will be served around 7 or 8 am, lunch usually are simple, light and serve during mid day follow by some rest. Dinner will be more extensive featuring pre dinner snacks and deserts.

What about altitude?
This is one of our most strenuous expeditions and will be much more difficult and challenging with an altitude of 4600 meters which is still below the point of altitude sickness.

What about guides?
Unless pre-arranged or specified our programs are based on English language guide.

What about first aid?
All our guides are qualified in wilderness first aid, and carry a basic medical first aid kit.

Is there any age or health limit to participate?
This program is suitable to any one with normal health and fitness condition. However older clients or clients with pre-existing medical conditions may require a doctor’s letter confirming their fitness for the trip. During your expedition you are under the direction of your trip leader and he/she has total authority to determine your suitability to participate.


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